I’m currently doing a doctorate in Politics at the University of Warwick. Previously, I completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Social Science Research (Warwick), an MA in Transnational Studies (UCL), a BA in Philosophy, Politics & Economics (Warwick) and a Certificate in Political Studies (Grenoble, France).

    I spent some time away from academia before returning to start my PhD. I taught English as a foreign language for two years in schools in Paris and Newbury, as well as adult education classes in Reading. I am qualified in teaching English and French to speakers of other languages.

    In my spare time, I can be found swimming, cycling, eating good food (and trying to cook it), bingeing Netflix, wandering around museums, learning foreign languages, watching Wimbledon every summer and riding roller coasters (the picture on this page is of me on Intimidator 305 at Kings Dominion; I have ridden over 135 coasters so far).

    My family are originally from Hong Kong. My grandparents emigrated to the UK in the 1960s, with barely any English. My grandfather only had six years’ worth of primary schooling under his belt. While I was born and raised in England, my immigrant heritage informs much of my thinking, especially around issues of race, class, education and cultural difference.

    I also act very occasionally; here is my IMDb page.

    Below is a sample of my Spotify taste. This playlist is particularly good if you have an impending deadline!


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